COMM3F Network Simulation
(Ian Fletcher & John Tindle).

Ns2 Tutorial
Paul Guy 3rd December 2003

appendix A

Cygwin Installation Diagrams

Download cygwin setup and run

Disable Virus Scanner

Choose download method

Accept default installation options

Choose a local Package Installation directory in my case I created the directory cygwininstall.

Select connection type.

Choose a download site

Select Packages on my first install of ns2 I received errors stopping me from a full install. It was due to missing packages in the cygwin install.

Ensure the following packages are installed

Development Documentation optional Editors Optional Interpreters Text Utils Xfree86
Gcc c,c++, fortran compiler Cygwin-doc VIM Gawk Patchutils Patchutils Xfree86 bin
Make man   Perl   Patch Xfree86 prog
Patchutils Win32api Xfree86 lib
Xfree86 etc

Download will now run

Once completed select if you want a desktop and start menu icon and restart. You are now ready to install Ns2