Personal Statement

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PGCE and my subsequent experience have equipped me to deliver all curriculum subjects across the 5-11 age range.
I have demonstrated my ability to work as a member of a team, whilst feeling confident in my ability I recognise I am a responsible and accountable member of a professional group. My skills as a counsellor working for Cruse and St Aloysius bereavement group have enabled me to develop the confidence in speaking and listening to individuals, groups and professionals. On recent appointments I have successfully exchanged with parents. I am an enthusiastic individual who brings a love of learning into the classroom.
During 2002-2003 I carried out voluntary work at St Aloysius School within both Infant (Reception) and Junior (Year 3) schools.
I have been extremely successful in using ICT across the curriculum and have had excellent feedback throughout my training. During my placements I demonstrated an ability to teach a wide range of subjects across both Key Stages and was involved in out of school activities, school trips and assemblies. I have carried out risk assessments and have planned three out of school learning opportunities.
I have implemented many successful behaviour strategies taking into account the year group I am placed within and hold as a key skill my ability to reach and manage children with the most complex and challenging behavioural needs. For example in my previous school I was able to implement a daily “ Top Banana” award which enabled children who often miss out on weekly school reward schemes to receive a positive response to good behaviour.
I enjoy a curriculum, which offers the opportunity to give term topics. I have demonstrated my ability to link themes as well as using literacy and numeracy across the curriculum.
I have enjoyed a variety of experiences on my PGCE not least very different geographical and social settings. Behaviour and the ability to manage an effective learning environment has always been my particular strength.
I have spent many years in further education providing me with a strong sense of not least myself but what makes an effective learning environment.
I have a commitment to a Catholic ethos and recognise it is important to offer a Christian example to others. I am an individual who holds a belief that creating the right positive climate in the classroom is fundamental to successful learning. Children should be inspired to enjoy learning through effective delivery of a curriculum, which caters for individual needs. I advocate the child- centred approach and believe that teachers and pupils should work together to create purposeful learning environments where children feel confident and safe.
I am aware that NQT’s are well supported and that continuing professional development is valued and facilitated. I am happy to work within a school that I know provides support and encouragement to NQT’s.
Priorities and themes of inclusion, raising the achievement of pupils with SEN, pupils at risk of underachievement, and providing climates for effective learning for all pupils are congruent with my developing philosophy of primary education.
I would welcome the opportunity to promote and facilitate a love of learning that will raise self-esteem and enrich lives. I am an avid reader of fiction and non-fiction.
I enjoy music of any form.
I play an active role in my local church including the preparation of young children for sacraments. I am a Eucharistic minister, have been involved in children’s liturgy for many years and am wholeheartedly involved in church welcoming. This year I will complete the CCRS course.
I have an extensive knowledge of how children’s learning and learning opportunities can be adversely affected by their social, cultural and emotional experiences. This has come as a result of my previous work and an active commitment to personal reflection and development.
I am very interested in Numeracy and would be keen to develop this strength. I also have extensive skills in ICT. I am able to use both classroom projectors and interactive boards with confidence. During training and subsequent employment my competence in this field has been recognised.
I have a love of drama and singing and have received high praise for productions I have helped plan and deliver.
I have recently been accessed by South Tyneside LEA (Literacy) and received a very good review stating, “The teachers engaging manner really inspired the children” and “…excellent use of talk and drama…splendid level of expression and animation.”
I am committed to providing a balanced curriculum, which will raise the academic standards of the children in my care.
I use humour in the classroom where appropriate and ensure the children receive the support, guidance and enthusiasm they need through effective assessment. I embrace the opportunity for further professional development. I have worked as a supply teacher since qualifying and have received tremendous feedback from Head teachers and colleagues. I have been able to carryout parent feedback sessions, assemblies and assessment across the curriculum.